WIMP 2 WARRIOR Official Series 2 Trailer

19 Apr 2014 1:18 am Posted by jjwakrat

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“At the end of the day.. This shit is hard!”

WIMP 2 WARRIOR is the Ultimate Human Experiment! 40 everyday men and women thrown into a 6-month professional MMA fight camp. Plus they have funny Australian accents. Check out the trailer for season 2.

Shows like this show just how far MMA has come.


TTTHS 101: Nick Diaz talks comeback to the UFC

16 Apr 2014 8:57 pm Posted by jjwakrat

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Each week, Tommy Toe Hold takes a satirical look at the goings on in MMA.

Today: Brock Lesnar beats The Understaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.  Tommy asks if he’ll return to MMA and gets a response from the champ Cain Velasquez, Jake Shields gets cut from the UFC, Nate Diaz talks about his current situation, Nick Diaz is interviewed by Ariel Helwani about a potential comeback to the UFC, and Alistair Overeem leaves the Blackzilians and contemplates heading over to Team Jackson.


Some guy tried robbing RUFF’s ring girl Nicole Lo and got hit with a brick

10 Apr 2014 6:34 am Posted by jjwakrat

In case you didn’t know, the girl in the hot bikini is RUFF China’s no.1 ring girl Nicole Lo. Yes, she is pretty hot and apparently she isn’t someone you would want to mess with either.

Nicole updated on her Facebook a few days ago about almost getting robbed. Unfortunately for the guy trying it, he didn’t get away with her phone, just a brick to his head.

“This morning I went to buy some banana before workout at backstreet ,some dude tried to steal my iPhone .i grabbed a brick nearby my feet ,jumped n smashed his head from back .He fell down and he turned to look at me with panic.i guess my face must look pretty scary ,all twisted in a rage! I grabbed my phone and ran back home.Well,obviously he got the wrong target !he s never expect a girl would fight back like these .hahahaha !





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Video: Exclusive Interview with Herb Dean

08 Apr 2014 10:35 pm Posted by jjwakrat

iJF interviews Herb Dean at the RUFF 12 weigh-ins in Shanghai, China. The legendary referee was in town on his second visit to Shanghai to officiate at the Ranik Ultimate Fighting’s 12th event. We talk hotpot, yaks, and his impressions of China. We also asked if rules meetings are any different in the Middle Kingdom.

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Check out more from RUFF 12:  Click here for the  Shamil Magomedov Vs Shang Zhifa Fight Video.

The 2nd Annual TTTHS Awards

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Badly drawn 2D internet cartoon Tommy toehold satires the world of MMA. Today: Tommy celebrates all the things that made me laugh in 2013, 4 months into 2014. It’s the 2nd Annual TTTHS Awards!

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Check out GSP’s fight scene from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” right here

02 Apr 2014 4:58 pm Posted by jjwakrat


This fight scene between GSP and Captain American from “The Winter Soldier” is scripted like no other. You must be thinking to yourself “Duh, no shit Sherlock”. Well, I’m not stating the obvious to fill up empty space right here, I’m just saying it because if this fight scene wasn’t scripted, it would be really boring. Come on, would you seriously want to see a 25 minute fight scene of Captain America getting taken down and out wrestled? I think not.

Nonetheless, I’m sure a ton of you GSP fans out there will be cussing me right now and clicking on the play button to see your Canadian hero go one on one with a superhero. If you are one of them, enjoy because quite frankly, this fight scene’s pretty neat. Enjoy it.

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Royce Grace threatened Eddie Bravo after Metamoris 3

31 Mar 2014 1:05 am Posted by jjwakrat


Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo 2 was a great fight and we’re pretty sure that many of the hardcore fans labelled it a classic. While there was no clear winner (because there wasn’t a submission), the draw was very well received by fans and everyone went home on a high note. Or so we thought everyone did.

According to The Underground, one unhappy camper was none other than UFC Legend Royce Gracie. We’re not sure why but Royce was mad at Bravo and made it known that he was loud and clear.

According to UG:

The Underground spoke to a person who wished to remain anonymous, but was back stage at the event. After exhausting himself for the 20-minute match, Bravo left the stage and proceeded to throw up as his adrenaline dumped. It was then that UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie approached Bravo and began to berate him.

Allegedly, Gracie threatened to kick Bravo’s ass because he believed that Bravo disrespected his brother Royler, his family, and his father Helio. Bravo was apparently caught off guard by the attack, and friend and trainer Jean Jacques Machado intervened to keep the situation from escalating.

Bravo later relayed this story to a group of people back stage after the event.

We’re not sure what triggered this whole incident but it’s pretty unfortunate that this happened. Royce Gracie might want to take a chill pill though, all this frustration isn’t good for him and situations like this do no favors to the Gracie name.

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WATCH: Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo at Metamoris 3 fight video

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So you know how the fight ended. So what? Watching Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo fight for the second time was, is and will always be an amazing experience. Who says BJJ is boring should really watch this fight and the reaction that these 2 legends of the sport drew at their long over due rematch at Metamoris 3. It was, without a doubt, an instant classic.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Can’s see the video? Follow this link.

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ONE FC RISE OF HEROES Updates: James McSweeney vs Chris Lokteff booked, Filipina boxer Jujeath Nagaowa to debut

26 Mar 2014 4:47 am Posted by jjwakrat


26 March 2014 – Singapore: ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC), Asia’s largest mixed martial arts organization with a 90% market share, has bolstered the blockbuster ONE FC: RISE OF HEROES event with the addition of three exciting bouts.  The card will feature a clash of two of the best heavyweights in the world when James McSweeney squares off against Chris Lokteff. Aung La N Sang will also make history as the first mixed martial artist from Myanmar to compete in the ONE FC cage when he takes on Egypt’s Mahmoud Salama. Filipina boxing champion Jujeath Nagaowa will also make her ONE FC debut when she meets Jeet Toshi of India.

Tickets for ONE FC: RISE OF HEROES are on sale now at SM Tickets (www.smtickets.com). Ticket categories begin with the full Red Carpet and cageside experience for VIPs at PHP 6,360 followed by Patron PHP 3,180, Lower Box PHP 1,280, Upper Box PHP 640 and General Admission PHP 220.

CEO of ONE Fighting Championship™ Victor Cui stated, “ONE FC returns to the iconic city of Manila with the largest sporting event in Manila this year! The headlining bout will pit current ONE FC Bantamweight World Champion Bibiano Fernandes against the #1 contender, Masakatsu Ueda, in the biggest bantamweight fight Asia has ever witnessed. ONE FC fans will be treated to a night of spectacular world class action featuring the clash of heavyweights James McSweeney and Chris Lokteff, as well as a middleweight battle between Aung La N Sang and Mahmoud Salama. Fans all over the world have been eagerly waiting for the debut of boxing champion Jujeath Nagaowa and she will make her MMA debut against a very tough Jeet Toshi.”

James McSweeney is a top English mixed martial artist and kickboxer who have competed against some of the best heavyweights in the world, racking up numerous titles in the process. He is currently on the best streak of his career, with eight wins in his last ten fights. McSweeney is a proven finisher and have gone to a decision only once in twenty three fights.

Chris Lokteff is one of the top heavyweight prospects in the world. The Australian has amassed an impressive record of twelve wins and one loss at just 27 years of age. He made a remarkable ONE FC debut, convincingly defeating famed American wrestler Tony Johnson last November. He looks to extend his winning streak in ONE FC when he takes on the toughest test of his career in McSweeney. The ONE FC Heavyweight division remains without a champion and the winner of this bout will likely earn a spot in the inaugural title bout.

Aung La N Sang will be the first mixed martial artist of Myanmar descent to enter the ONE FC cage. He is a member of the Kachin, a group of indigenous people currently embroiled in civil war with the Myanmar army. He left Myanmar to study in the United States, where he discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and subsequently, mixed martial arts. Aung is nicknamed “The Burmese Python” for his constricting ability which has led him to nine submission wins.

Read more at The Fight Nation 


The Fight Report: Bellator 114

25 Mar 2014 6:34 pm Posted by jjwakrat


By Mike Hammersmith, Featured Staff Writer at MMA Valor.

Bellator goes high altitude for a title fight, as well as the semi-finals of their Featherweight and Middleweight tournaments at Bellator 114. While this is going down in Utah, the vibe is decidedly New England, with Brennan Ward, contesting for the Middleweight strap, and Desmond Green and Matt Bessette fighting on opposite sides of the Featherweight bracket.

So, let’s all grab our oxygen tanks and talk some Bellator 114 combat from Utah.

Alexander Shlemenko vs Brennan Ward: Long time champion Alexander Shlemenko will be in for a nasty fight, as he takes on surprise tournament champion Brennan Ward. Ward came into the tournament as a late replacement, but his dynamic takedown style and murderous punching power allowed him to storm through the bracket to victory. Shlemenko left that tournament style behind years ago and has been sitting atop the division and crushing all opponents.

This fight has some serious X-factors as Shlemenko is on the downturn of his career, with age and injury beginning to slow him down. What he’s implemented in the last year is a bit more wrestling, which allows him to take away opponent’s space and pace the fight in a way he wants, giving him time to recover and threaten attack via multiple avenues.

Against Ward, this new trait talent will prove useless, as Ward’s best moves come off a clinch set-up. This leaves a striking match that Shlemenko is well-equipped for, though his chin is proving to be less-than-indestructible as of late, and Ward’s power isn’t something he’ll want a taste of. This has potentially to be very close, yet I have to give Shlemenko the edge in terms of technical striking and pure power, giving Ward a small margin of error. I don’t feel Ward is ready to dance on that razor’s edge of danger just yet, and suspect his championship hopes are dashed in the second round after a sharp combination from Shlemenko.

Kendall Grove vs Brett Cooper: Long-time road warrior Kendall Grove will take on Bellator veteran Brett Cooper in their Middleweight semi-final bout. Grove has been around the block and fought well consistently throughout his career, having sharpened his striking skills for years and having his submission savvy to fall back on. Cooper is himself a well-traveled battler with a style of “clean brawling” being tough but smart in his scraps.

On paper, one might be tempted to take Cooper due to his big punch and Grove’s notoriously faulty chin, but one thing Cooper has never been good at is avoiding getting hit himself. Grove tends to get KO’d by clean punchers who counter him, yet with his size and skill, I feel it will be Grove doing all the countering. With nothing to fear from takedowns, look for Grove to pick his spots and lump Cooper up throughout this fight, taking a clear decision win on virtue of offensive output.

Desmond Green vs Will Martinez: Anyone that likes a work ethic has to like Desmond Green, who jumped head first into MMA and has taken every fight he can get. While learning on the job is incredibly difficult in this sport, Green seems to have taken to it well, ironing out flaws as they surface, and turning his wrestling footwork into smart striking movement. This ability to move allowed him to beat Mike Richman last time out, engaging and disengaging at ease while busting his opponent up with probing strikes and counters.


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